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My neighbors have vines of concord grapes covering their driveway. Last year, I finally got up the guts to ask for a few bags of their harvest and turned them into this grape sorbet inspired by recipes in Gourmet and David Lebovitz’s The Perfect Scoop. I don’t use an ice cream maker, rather I use an immersion blender every 1-2 hours while the mix is freezing to aerate the sorbet. This, plus the addition of alcohol – vodka in this case – makes for a smooth sorbet that doesn’t freeze solid. If you want to make the sorbet alcohol free, replace the vodka with water. The sorbet, as is (with vodka) retains its texture for a very long time – I discovered the last few scoops in the back of my freezer 9 months after making it, and there were no ice crystals! Still tasted amazing.


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